Best of 2010: Outfits

A top 10 this time! I went through my blog and picked out the outfits I like best. They start in the spring, because that's when I finally figured out the best place to take photos in my apartment (I'm too self-conscious to have photos taken outside, maybe in 2011 I'll try to do that more).

It's an interesting exercise to look back at your year in 10 outfits. When looking back on these, I'm realizing more than ever that everything I own has a story.

L: the look at me!! Aniseed skirt, a step out of my comfort zone.
R: one of my favourite dresses, bought at a store in my neighbourhood that no longer exists, perhaps not so work-appropriate but I wear it to work anyway.

L: a little Banana Republic summer dress that makes me happy whenever I wear it, with my favourite necklace that got me a compliment in the bathroom at work.
R: a Club Monaco summer dress, another of my favourites, that I wore to dinner with Will in Vancouver on our 10th anniversary in July 2009.

L: Maeve's Height of Summer Dress, which I had to buy because of the colour, despite being strapless (not my favourite), a not-so-fantastic fit, and somewhat suspect quality. Even so, it's one of my favourite purchases of 2010. I wore it all summer and became a landmark because of it.
R: a simple summer outfit, this little Banana Republic top is one of my favourites (I even saw the adorable Sofie Alsopp wearing it on an episode of The Unsellables), and I love these lightweight cotton twill pencil skirts from Jacob that I bought a few years ago because they make summer fare just a little bit more office professional.

L: almost everybody loves the Circle the Globe skirt from Anthropologie, I of course had to buy it because it's teal, and I love the combination of chocolate brown with teal The Oolite necklace is also one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. I wore this outfit at a difficult time this summer. It's a great example of my mantra, "just because I feel like crap, doesn't mean I have to look like crap."
R: the Oak Apple dress, one of my 2010 favourites (I went for it instead of the Babergh Dress that everyone loved), moved me into fall dressing. And I found out what an oak apple is in the process.

L: outfit #28 in my 30 for 30 challenge. It's crazy that out of all 30 outfits, this is the one I picked as my favourite. Feeling tall and skinny doesn't hurt. It was during the 30 for 30 challenge that I realized that I hadn't worn the Craft & Creation top enough; I fell in love with it early on and bought it as soon as I could get my grubby little hands on it.
R: I think this might be my favourite outfit of the year. I love the Skyfall Dress, it's an early Anthropologie purchase from me, I bought it after Christmas 2009 with my Christmas money. I can count the number of times I've worn it on one hand (a baby shower, church at Easter, and here--wow, is that it?), but I must find a way to wear it more because I adore it. This time I wore it out to dinner with Will before he left for Christmas with his family. The cardigan and boots were more for warmth than for styling purposes, but hey, it worked.

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