So that was 2010

Snowman cupcake from Whole Foods

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve.  I feel too pressured to have a good time, and I’m not willing to spend a fortune to go out to a club.  So it’s usually a quiet night in, and often a struggle for me to just stay up to midnight!  Tonight, Will is cooking me a nice dinner, then we’re going out to see The King’s Speech, and then we’ll be downtown in Dundas Square for midnight.  Not the most exciting, but it works for us.  So while I’m waiting for dinner, I’ll take a look back and a look forward.

2010 has been both a fantastic year and a terrible year. On the terrible front: job, health issues, and ridiculous family drama. But on the fantastic side: great friends, great coworkers (makes the job bearable), great trips (Europe, Boston), and my engagement in Paris.

I've never worn anything this expensive in my life. But I love it. On the days I forget to put it on, I feel naked.

Shopping in 2010:
2010 was the year that I went hard-core Anthropologie. I embraced Anthro as my favourite store and almost all others have fallen by the wayside. It’s been a blessing and a curse; the former because I’ve found in Anthro what I’ve always been looking for in other stores (girly, feminine pieces and basics with a twist, always with details that make you stand out), the latter because my wallet has suffered. But I feel like I’ve bought a lot of pieces that are versatile and will last in my wardrobe for a long time, and not just Anthro.

Despite all the hard-core shopping I did in 2010, I think I have become a smarter, more conscious shopper. I’m learning to shop for what I need, and when it’s something I don’t need, it has to be something I really, really, really, really want. Everything has to fit my lifestyle and personality too. So while things have been far from perfect, I’m learning. Hope this continues on in 2011.

2010 personal style:
With the help of Anthropologie, I’ve come a long way in defining my personal style this year. I feel like I now know what I like, what works on my body, and what fits with my lifestyle. If I had to describe my style, I would probably say classic/feminine with a twist. I try to keep it simple, but I always want something that stands out (colour, print, texture). I’m never going to be someone who does a lot of pattern-mixing or layering or accessorizing (while I always admire the ladies who do), but that’s ok. In the past, I’ve tried to copy other people’s styles and I would always get frustrated when it didn’t work for me. Not that there isn’t any room for evolution. But why should I wear belts when I don’t like them, just because everyone else is?

2011 goals:
While fashion and shopping and style will always be very important to me, I'm hoping that I'll focus on other things in 2011. Top of my list is to take care of myself and get healthy. I also intend to become financially responsible, and shopping consciously definitely goes hand in hand with that. (First up, January will be a no-shop month, and this time, I will complete it!)

Looking forward to:
Definitely the new condo, assuming it all works out. And possibly getting married, but we haven't decided when that's going to happen yet.

I'm also looking forward to continuing blogging, reading as many blogs as possible and getting inspired by all the great outfits out there, and connecting with tons of great people in the blogosphere.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my little blog.  Happy New Year!  I wish everyone all the best for 2011.


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