The end of the summer

The end of August always signals the end of the summer for me. It’s going to be pretty hot and humid in Toronto for the next few days, but that’s okay, because it’s summer’s last gasp and cooler temperatures will come soon enough. And along with that, the complaining about the cold.

With the end of the summer comes the end of 30 for 30:

#33: Anthro Winged Victory Top (Odille) | Anthro Anadyomene Cardigan | Hilary Druxman necklace | Jacob pencil skirt | Tory Burch Reva flats

I wanted to squeeze as much as possible out of my summer wardrobe (because let’s face it, summer is way too short), but I have to admit I got bored of the 30 pieces after I passed the 30th outfit. Oh well, this is still 10% more outfits than originally required.

I also had the chance to try out this hair again, and I’m definitely more pleased with it this time around. Practice makes perfect.

I’m passing on the latest two days of the 21 Day Challenge in favour of finishing up 30 for 30. But it’s also because I don’t have anything left in my repair pile (been good about that lately), and honestly, I don’t own anything very menswear-inspired. I never thought of myself as an over-the-top girly girl, but apparently I am (no blazers, no button-down shirts, no pinstripes, no suspenders, no pants…). I’ll definitely be posting tomorrow with my take on statement jewellery.


I guess you go too far when pianos try to be guitars

So here’s my tale of hair woe. I always had super-fine stick-straight hair, then somewhere along the line it got thick, wavy, and hard to manage. I’m hair inept, so having stick-straight hair was great, not much maintenance required, then I started using a flat iron (in addition to a blow dryer) on a regular basis. I’m trying to lay off the flat iron because I’m worried about damaging my hair, so I’m trying to work with the natural wave in my hair more. It actually hasn’t been too hard, I wash my hair before I go to bed, blow dry it, sleep on it, in the morning it’s crazy wavy, which I tame with a comb, my fingers, and a ton of Aveda Be Curly Style-Prep, and it turns out like this.

But then with the 21 Day Challenge prompt to try something new with your hair, I went too far and tried to make it even wavier, and that’s not a good idea for someone who’s hair inept.

Anthro Splashed Palette Dress (Moulinette Soeurs) | Anthro Anadyomene Cardigan (Rosie Neira) | Hilary Druxman necklace | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

It didn’t work. Since I’m useless with curling irons/hot rollers and I try to be as low-maintenance as possible, I just threw my hair into a couple of braids and slept on them, resulting in flat on top and not so pretty kinks from my ears down. That sounds like a curly/straight version of a mullet – business on top but party at the ends! Not what I was going for.

But the least I can do is smile!

The title of this post comes from the song “Northern Lad” by Tori Amos, which has been one of my favourite songs since the first time I heard it, and probably will always be one of my favourite songs.

21 Day Challenge



The primary reason I read style blogs and pore over Anthropologie catalogues is for inspiration. And yet, I’m terrible at drawing inspiration from what I see. No really, I suck. I have an extremely literal mind; when I see something I like, I have the urge to copy it exactly, and when it doesn’t look the same on me, I fall into despair. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I get mildly discouraged and then I pledge to work on it.

So from the prompt to be a copycat, here are two outfits that I put together, inspired from the July and August Anthro catalogues.

Anthro Drape & Twist Tee (Postmark) | Anthro Aniseed Skirt (Eva Franco) | Aldo flats

Inspired by this look from the Anthro July 2011 catalogue:

And then this:

Banana Republic Top | Anthro Liquid Acres Skirt (Tabitha) | Anthro necklace | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

Inspired by this look from the Anthro August 2011 catalogue:

I have to say, I’m still not convinced by the colour combination, but it was worth a try.

21 Day Challenge


All I know is my gut says maybe.

I’ve been all about bright colour this summer, but I’m a big fan of neutrals too. Today’s 21 Day Challenge prompt gave me the chance to tone it down a little. I even tried to keep my expression neutral.

Silk top bought at Queen West boutique Pho Pa (2009) | Anthro necklace | Jacob pencil skirt | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

It’s a very small pop of colour with the necklace, but it’s there.

My hair is doing something funky in this photo, but I kinda like it.

So usually all my references are Simpsons-related, but this challenge immediately made me think of Futurama’s Neutral Planet, a grayish planet with capital city Neutropolis, led by the Neutral President, whose government’s motto is “Live Free or Don’t”. In the episode "Brannigan, Begin Again", the planet comes under attack, setting off a Beige Alert.

I know, I know, I’m secretly a big nerd.

21 Day Challenge


Triple duty

I love participating in other bloggers’ challenges, and I’m trying to catch up on the week, so this post is going to do triple duty. If I’d managed another 30 for 30 outfit in here, it would have been quadruple duty, but that’s just getting ridiculous.

A prompt to wear a dress or skirt isn’t really much of a challenge for me. I maintain a strict anti-pants philosophy (I don’t own a pair of dress pants), unless the pants are stretchy (leggings and yoga pants around the house), or it’s casual Friday and it’s not summer (skinny jeans). The challenge is choosing a dress to highlight.

So here’s one of my favourite dresses (but really, how can I choose?) that I’ve worn three times in the past week and a half, because I felt like it wasn’t getting enough love.

Anthropologie Daily Gathering Dress (Bailey 44) | J.Crew Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan in Heathered Algae | Anthro necklace | BRKR-X by M by Michael Kors sandals

I liked this combination so much that all I did was swap cardigans a few days later.

Anthropologie Daily Gathering Dress (Bailey 44) | Anthro Bette Cardigan (Sparrow) | Anthro necklace | BRKR-X by M by Michael Kors sandals

Anthropologie Daily Gathering Dress (Bailey 44) | J.Crew Featherweight cardigan | Anthro Oolite necklace | Bos & Co sandals

I’m really really tired in those last photos. Can you tell? Long week, TGIF.

I missed the Day One challenge, but hey, this is my three-times remix, outside my 30 for 30 too. 

And despite my anti-pants stance, here’s me in pants, for the Day 12 jeans and t-shirt challenge.

Anthro Craft & Creation top (Deletta) | Mavi Super-skinny jeans | Bos & Co sandals

I haven’t worn jeans all summer, but I’m going to a baseball game after work (work team event) and I don’t feel like wearing a skirt to it. It feels weird. Anyway, if I’m ever going to do jeans and a t-shirt, this is how I do it.

Also, I’ve been following Amy's Purple Week, and I realized I don’t wear enough purple, so this is my contribution to it.

That makes three challenges, one post, and I’m exhausted. ;)

Anthropologie catalogue: August 2009

Every week I take a look back at past Anthropologie catalogues and what I loved from then. (Thanks to Natalie for posting all the links.) I used to think that it’s impossible to find these pieces again, but thanks to Roxy’s trade market and eBay, anything is possible.

August 2009 – the Sartorialist-style catalogue: real places, real people.  Still skinny people though.

tessera necklace, texture study dress

boucle cape, flabellum blouse, joe's knit chelsea, ruched booties – so cute!

crushed petiole blouse, fluttering pencil skirt – love the ruffle detail on the skirt

herringbone wrap coat, giverny dress, opaque tights, barbera heels – I'd like to be wearing this in Paris right now.

mellifluous collar, water & roses dress, teardrop t-straps

havana sweater coat, narration booties, goldfish pillow, blazon gleam pendant

washed leather racer, emerald estuary tunic, joe's reed ankle cigarette, distant constellation boots – chic in New York.

buoyant chiffon blouse, precisely pleated pants, ruched booties – love the colour of the blouse

settling petals cardi, storm-of-shapes dress, olive oxford boots – I'll take the cardi and the dress please.

bustling avenue dress, sundrop heels

another man's treasure lamp – more of that exposed brick I love.

collected memories mirror, decker console table, redsmith dining chair

washed leather racer, sky bridge dress, narration booties – love the colour combination.  The black booties seem a little heavy to me though.

buoyant chiffon blouse, mercurial crochet necklace, myriad sweater skirt, teardrop t-straps – I think of this look as London librarian.

pointe beau blazer, go-to chinos, sculpted oxfords; metallic zigzag scarf, diaphanous tunic, joe's knit chelsea, tawny acres boots – typical London rain...

again & again canister, measured time scale, digit spice jar, tea-for-one set, king-of-the-jungle jar – I love a pop of colour in the kitchen.


Closet Orphan

I have a ton of closet orphans. I should really try remembering what I own before I go shopping again.

Banana Republic top (circa 2009) | Jacob pencil skirt | Hilary Druxman necklace | Rockport wedges

I love this top (this is only a slight variation of one of my favourite outfits of 2010), but I haven’t worn it all year. Poor neglected green top.

I rarely take pictures of myself from the side, because I sometimes end up looking pregnant. I’m definitely not, but with my natural tummy bulge and the weird pouf of this shirt, I could be mistaken for a few months along.

That’s better.

21 Day Challenge


21 Day Challenge Day 9: Monochromatic (a little late to the party)

I love a dressing challenge – as evidenced by the fact I’ve done 30 for 30 three times now – but unfortunately I’m a little late to Kayla’s 21 Day challenge. Lucky for me, there aren’t any rules about having to participate for all 21 days (and I’m usually a stickler for following rules), so I can join in now.

Anthropologie Drape & Twist Tee (Postmark) | Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt (Edme & Esyllte) | Tsunami Designs necklace | Tory Burch Reva flats

Blue is my favourite colour, so when I go monochromatic, it’s with blue. I’m not convinced by this outfit though, specifically the top. It made me feel thick around the middle (but let’s face it, this has been the summer of over-eating for me, so I am probably getting a little thick around the middle, thank God for elastic waistbands), and I felt like this all day:


Not that I have any problem with emphasizing my chest, but maybe not to the point of emulating Booberella. Sometimes I really think clothes look better on flatter chests.

Anyway, I’m disappointed I didn’t get my act together earlier in the the 21 Day Challenge, but oh well. Looking forward to participating in the rest of it.

21 Day Challenge


Anthropologie catalogue: August 2008

Every week I take a look back at past Anthropologie catalogues and what I loved from then. (Thanks to Natalie for posting all the links.) I used to think that it’s impossible to find these pieces again, but thanks to Roxy’s trade market and eBay, anything is possible.

August 2008 – gorgeous catalogue, definitely one of my favourites

daybreak cardigan, subway stairs skirt, city siren heels – yellow and red always reminds me of McDonald’s, but I like it here

grand central cowlneck, dusk-blue suede belt, ruffled denim skirt –
I love this outfit.  I remember debating this skirt.  I almost ordered it, then decided against it because it would have been too long on me.

silver lining jacket

townhouse pocketbook, stoplight satchel, patisserie park, day-to-day shoulderbag

street poet trench, stoa sweater skirt, five spot lace-ups

printing press sheath –
complete over-stimulation with the books, but I love it

tick-tock cardigan –
I almost ordered this too.

city dweller cardigan, studio space skirt –
I love exposed brick

hudson & houston shirtdress, amity boots –
exposed brick and books? yes please!

bethesda jersey tee –
the model looks gorgeous

lafayette st sweatercoat

skyscrapers cardigan, riverside drive skirt

sunless skies shift, winged resin bangle

idlewild cardigan, lexington candy t-straps, city siren heels –
love the red shoes

run-run-run sweater, by-starlight skirt

wave hill v-neck, fringed suede flats

in-vino-veritas dress

castellum top, chalkstripe trousers, art deco mary-janes

fresco landscape sheath

high city dress, obie booties

hanging gardens dress –
so gorgeous

rockrose cardigan –
I almost ordered this sweater too. 

mcmanus grandfather cardi, pintucked organza skirt –
love that teal paint!

tammany tweed jacket, mimetic corduroy jeans

peacock dinnerware

teddy darling cardigan

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