June in pictures

Short wrap-up for June. I vaguely remember June being really cold up until this past week (hence the tights), but I can’t seem to remember anything before my birthday and the recent blistering heat.

Avatar legs // in the window at Holt Renfrew // lemons in the window of Holt Renfrew // Lucy the shy Viszula // spring flowers // I want this doormat // this makes me want to be able to eat peanut butter // especially the dark chocolate cherry, I could take or leave the maple bacon // this friendly golden retriever demanded ten minutes of pats before his owner finally came out of the grocery store

I know I say this a lot, but really, half of 2013 gone already?


I'm only happy when it rains

That's not true. It's a bold-faced lie. I'm a sun worshipper and I am happiest when there's sun and a clear blue sky (and around 22-25C/70-77F). But this week I've been a lousy mood so today’s grey skies and pouring rain seem completely a propos. I attribute the foul mood to post-birthday blues, sugar withdrawal, and sidewalk cyclists, my ultimate nemeses (NO, I will NOT get out of your way, YOU can get out of MY way!).

Even a basset hound on my T-shirt couldn’t help lift my mood (I couldn’t even get a decent picture of it).

Gap T-shirt // Gap knit A-line skirt // Tory Burch flats

No, that’s no better.

It’s the last weekend for Google Reader, so make sure to switch over to a reasonable facsimile. Bloglovin' is certainly a good option, but feedly is my new RSS reader of choice. I get cranky when I have to change something I’m used to though, so maybe that’s contributing to my bad mood. Pour your misery down on me, indeed.


Birthday indulgences

My birthday celebrations started about a week before my birthday and were looking to stretch past my birthday if I hadn’t called time.

The shopping:

Jacob sleeveless top // Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt by Girls From Savoy // Tory Burch Reva flats

The birthday discount is a nice thing.

Gap summer dresses:


I got the blue striped one.

And of course, birthdays are all about indulgent eating, right?

The most insane chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, from Le Gourmand // Boar Sandwiches // an actual pig’s head from my work offsite last week // Fiona's pink grapefruit gummies // fresh rolls at Khao San Road // meat and cheese plate at Pizzeria Libretto, my actual birthday dinner // homemade sausage pizza // Will’s mushroom pizza // braised beef cheek banh mi from Banh Mi Boys

My second birthday dinner was at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen on Queen West. Filipino food, hipster style.

chicken skin chicharron // pork lumpia // braised beef cheek Bistek Tagalog // crispy pata (pork trotter)

And of course, ice cream:

Will’s raspberry and vanilla photobombing my mint chocolate chip and Skor gelato waffle cone at Hollywood Gelato // salted caramel ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone at Chocolateria

After all that, I’m feeling a little disgusting and some of my clothes are a little bit tighter (ok, a lot tighter). Til the next birthday.



Anthro Verdant Slip dress (Moulinette Soeurs, 20111) // Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

I’ve had this dress for two years and I’ve worn it to death (well not really, it’s still in great shape, although I may wear it until it falls off my body), so it’s always a struggle to wear it in new ways. I’ll wear repeats in real life (I’m not above wearing the same outfit twice), but I won’t photograph them, so how to make it new for the blog?

Ditch everything and wear it on its own, apparently. Done.

And maybe even put down the iPhone and take a “real” photo.



Like Sarah, now that I’m wearing a maxidress, it must mean that the trend is on its way out, right?

Gap Striped 4-in-1 Dress in pink/navy (no longer available online).

Yep, with the tag still on. Just checking to make sure it looks ok from the side and I don’t look pregnant.

And here, properly, with the tag off, to wear on casual Friday. (Will just be staying away from my director, she has an irrational hatred of pink.)


On this day, I enter into a new age demographic…

Today I turn 35 celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 25th birthday (thanks for the idea, Usha :)).

It’s appropriate, because I don’t feel any older than 25, and I’m often mistaken for a student anyway. 35 is an age I can’t really fathom, so I may just pretend I’m still in my 20s.

Unfortunately I’m working today, and here’s my very boring outfit because I’m at an all-day off-site. More interesting things to come in the next few days! (along with lots of eating, lots and lots of celebratory eating.)

Anthro Torsade Tee (2010) // Club Monaco Mint Statement Necklace // Gap A-Line Knit Skirt // Tory Burch Reva flats (2009)


Birthday skirt?

My birthday is on Wednesday, and I’ve had my Anthro birthday discount for a while. I promised myself I wouldn’t use it unless I found something I really really liked. Maybe it’s this skirt?

Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt by Girls From Savoy, US$98/CAD$118

I don’t necessarily like it with the top and cardigan I’m wearing, but if I go for it, it’ll be the first Anthro skirt I’ve bought in almost two years. That’s a M/L on the left and the XS/S on the right; I would go for the XS/S since it was comfortable, at a more flattering length, and a little less poufy. The cons are that it’s a very stiff, thick fabric, and the way it’s cut has me feeling like it’s floating around me (the back is nowhere near my butt). I’ll have to ponder this for the rest of the month…

While I was in Anthro, I snapped a few pics of their current ice cream display.

Ice cream is a weakness of mine, and now Anthro wants me to eat it with these adorable and colourful bowls and scoops. I have no hope of resisting!


Woofstock 2013

It was a Basset Hound weekend!

We took my parents’ dog Abby to Woofstock this year, which was nice because every other time I’ve gone I’ve been dog-less, kinda like being a stalker/creeper, right? Unfortunately, country dog Abby was freaked out by all the people and all the other dogs.

That’s her on the right, looking worried.

Great Danes are beautiful. But they scared Abby so much she was shaking and drooling.

She loved when people stopped to pet her and tell her how beautiful she is, but she could have done without the dogs. She’s back home at my parents’ house in the country, and much happier.


Chilly June

Looks like it's going to be cooler than usual for the first week of June. That may mean tights every day, depending on how brave I feel and how much I don't want to wear tights, whichever one wins out. (Probably tights.)

It does give me the opportunity to wear this skirt again though.

Gap Essential V-Neck Tee (cropped to 3/4-sleeve) // knockoff bubble necklace // Club Monaco Tavie Skirt // Wolford Tights // Tory Birch Reva flats

I find it way too short to wear comfortably without tights. It’s probably not that short, but it’s all about my comfort zone (which is longer, when it comes to skirts).

I don’t really mind the cooler weather. I find it refreshing and brisk. And the crisp air makes for some gorgeous skyline pics from my balcony.

Yesterday at about 7 pm after the storms and humidity had lifted:

Today at 8 pm:



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