One skirt and a weekend of boots (another four)

It’s getting cold in Toronto, so it’s time for boots.  But first a skirt and heels (I do wear boots outside though).

Anthropologie Deletta Craft & Creation Top | Club Monaco cardigan | Club Monaco belt | Jacob skirt | Wolford tights | Michael Kors heels

A belt!  Really!  I love the look of belts, but I hate wearing them, especially over cardigans.  I find them really fussy, and as I’ve said before, constricting.  I feel like the bottom of my ribcage is being choked (I wear them a bit higher than my bellybutton).  I ended up taking the belt off later in the day, but I thought I’d try.

James Perse tank |  Club Monaco cardigan |  J. Crew necklace | J. Brand jean leggings | Duo Boots

If I look a little beaten down in this photo, it’s because I am.  Horrible Friday at work.  They just love to squeeze everything out of us but give nothing in return.  I’ve wasted too much time there.  I need to go, but I need to get my mortgage first.  Oh wait, I haven’t talked about that yet.  Will and I are working on buying a condo.  The situation is a little bit complicated (it’s a private sale of a unit in a new building that hasn’t registered yet, and we’re not sure if it will be a transfer of title prior to the building registering, or a straight sale once the seller has closed), but it’s exciting to think that I’ll finally become a grownup with a mortgage and a real place to live with a nice kitchen (granite and stainless steel appliances! and a dishwasher!) and ensuite laundry.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the laundry situation—no more dragging laundry up and down stairs.  So I’m staying into this job until we get our mortgage, and then I’m gone.  Assuming I find a new job, of course.  I will have a mortgage to pay at that point.

Anyway, back to the clothes.

Anthropologie C. Keer Climbing Cowlneck |  Mexx cardigan | Hilary Druxman necklace | J. Brand jean leggings | Duo Boots

Saturday outfit, feeling much better.  My best friend cheered me up, and then I got to spend the afternoon with my boy best friend; Will and I went for lunch (yummy pho) followed by some furniture-shopping for our potential new condo.  We didn’t buy anything, but lots of ideas.  (Expensive ones, unfortunately.)  I remembered what really matters to me, and I resolve not to waste my energy on what doesn’t.

Anthropologie Deletta Craft & Creation Top | Club Monaco cardigan |  Mavi super-skinny jeans | Duo Boots

Same top in four days, but it’s a different audience, so it’s ok, right?  I felt really tall and skinny in this outfit, which is no small feat for someone who is 5’2” and tends towards dumpiness.  Unfortunately, I also found out that these boots have no tread; at the grocery store this morning I skidded on the floor (twice!) and twisted my ankle (twice!).  It was fine until I got home and took off my boots.  I’m in a little pain now.  Ow ow ow.  This is what happens when you’re clumsy!

But aside from the injury, I’m pleased.  With these four, it means that the end is nigh. 

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