Going out like a lamb.


Okay, so this photo really has nothing to do with anything, but I had to put it in because Komondor dogs make me smile every time.  How could you not smile when you see a walking mop like that?

I think I’ve broken my promise myself to post regularly (and therefore write more).  I also broke my promise to stop spending in February, so I’m just being consistent.  I’ve also had a pretty rotten time of it since the last time I posted—work crap, personal crap, a really nasty cold which resulted in an asthma attack which resulted in a trip to the emergency room, more work crap, and so on.  But I find myself in a good place right now after deciding I had enough of being miserable and I was just not going to be sucked into anyone else’s drama.  I feel better, I feel healthier, and I feel more creative and inspired, which I hope will lead to more writing, and more posting here.  So for me, March roared in like a lion, but it’s definitely going out like a lamb.

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