I’m a landmark!

Today was another hot, steamy day in Toronto, another busy and often frustrating day at work, and another day I went to Anthropologie at lunch as an escape.

Going there, I was wearing my Height of Summer dress, the one that makes me stand out in a crowd, and a girl outside my office used me as a landmark.  She was on her phone saying “I’m standing right outside Rogers, do you see the girl in the green dress?”  It’s really more of a teal, but I’m willing to overlook that.

At Anthro, there was no sign of the much-anticipated Babergh dress yet, but I tried on Floreat’s Manor Gates Dress.  Normally I wouldn’t have tried it on because it’s not my thing, but it seems to be a favourite, so I wanted to see what the fuss is about.

Manor Gates Dress, by Floreat, US$188

Okay, I kinda get it now.  It really is quite lovely, but it’s still not my thing.

But my goal at Anthro was really to try on the Oak Apple Dress, because it’s the one thing that I may actually buy from the August catalogue.  That damn catalogue shot really sucked me in, probably because I’ll be in England and Ireland in October, and I want to look like that.  Too bad I’m Asian.

I really really loved the dress though.

Oak Apple Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, US$178

I couldn’t get a decent photo, so I don’t think this does it justice.  It’s really flattering and the print is a lovely watercolour swirl that reminds me of a Monet painting.  It’s lovely on its own, but would also be great with a long cardigan and tights for the fall, and I think I could get a lot of wear for it.  So it’s pricey, but it might be worth full price for me.

While I was at Anthro, I saw the Chocolate Box Cardigan.  I thought it was ugly in the catalogue, but it’s even worse in person. 

Chocolate Box Cardigan by Mongram, US$128

I would never pay US $128 for this.  But I suppose there’s no accounting for taste.

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today, so I wore my Height of Summer dress out for beer and wings.  It’s been 11 years since our first kiss.  We’ve done tons of great things since then.

Including riding a moped around Martha’s Vineyard this time last year.

Happy Birthday hunny!


  1. I agree... that sweater is awful. How could Anthro come out with such darling things and at the same time, such god awful sweaters? I recentlt checked the Don Mills Anthro for the Babergh dress, but no such luck yet. The dress looks great on, love the colors!

  2. the manor gates dress looks fantastic on you! i keep checking it out online, but i don't think it's really my thing either. what a shame though, huh? i can't wait to try on the babergh dress! i was happy to see that roxy thinks you can remove the floral things on the shoulder. i don't think i'm digging those.


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