August 2014 in pictures

black cat // this book in the window at Mabel’s Fables made me laugh // Serve the People, by Jen Lin-Liu // cone of shame // doggie evil eye // Vietnamese noodle bowl, actually made by me // Dexter on National Dog Day // pretty pink grapefruit juice // labneh at Fat Pasha

August was a dum month. But I have realized one thing: I blog and Instagram when I’m excited about something and want to share it, and this month, I was excited about almost nothing and felt like I was just going through the motions. I’m hoping that will change in September, or at the very least that September is a neutral month.


Windy summer days

Can’t believe it’s the last week of August already, summer is flying by. Not loving this late summer humidity, but it makes for standing on my balcony in a billowing skirt that makes me look like I have an enormous butt.

Anthro Elementary Dress // Stella & Dot Marchesa necklace // Anthro Anadyomene cardigan (Rosie Neira)

Not wearing any shoes.

The past few weeks have been kinda crappy, but that’s another story for another time. Or maybe no time, because any time I talk/write about what’s bothering me it seems so trivial out loud/on paper. And besides, focus on the positive, right?



Everything I see these days when I’m shopping seems really unsubstantial these days. Everything is thin, sheer, polyester, cheap. The reasoning is that fabrics are getting more expensive so quality is sacrificed instead of price, but I wonder if that’s just an excuse. I’m not liking it, so I’m far less willing to pay full price anymore.

J.Crew silk cami // J.Crew necklace // J.Crew featherweight cotton cardigan // Anthro Scalloped Stripes Ponte Skirt (Girls From Savoy) // Gap classic ballet flats in surf blue

I made the exception for this J.Crew silk cami because I love the colour and it’s a fantastic layering piece, but it’s so delicate that I’m afraid to tear it and therefore afraid to wear it. (And according to one comment, the quality is much worse than it was a few years ago.) So it’s a piece I bought because I want to wear it a lot, but I’m not going to because I don’t want it to wear out too fast. (My thoughts: grrr.)

At least this skirt is thick and substantial and has a nice heft to it. So much so that it stands on its own.

I’ll call it sculptural art in the corner of my bedroom.



(I know I said the real camera was back, but sometimes convenience wins.)

I’m usually a strict un-tucker.

Anthropologie Shimmerwing Top // J.Crew symmetrical stone necklace // J.Crew Factory punk floral pencil skirt // Gap classic ballet flats in surf blue

But I like the casualness of the half-tuck. It always looks so easy and effortless, which means it won’t be that effortless for me.

It took a lot of effort to get that, it looks more sloppy than casual, and it untucked itself as soon as I left the change room. So maybe untucked is just the way to go for me.


Happy long weekend

It’s all back to school and new fall clothes and transition summer to fall now, but it’s still summer, last time I checked.

Gap cami dress (same as this dress, in print) // J.Crew necklace // J.Crew featherweight cotton cardigan // J.Crew sandals

Fall will come sooner or later, so might as well enjoy summer while it lasts.

The August long weekend is also when we celebrate Will’s birthday. Pizza again for us, hopefully my last hurrah before I start eating better (fingers crossed).

Piatto grande of cured meats, cheese, olives, mustard seeds, and bomba (the spicy red sauce), with a puffed up pizza crust to go with it. (Delicious, but unfortunately the raw garlic in the bomba makes me sick, I can’t handle raw garlic and onions anymore.)

My usual, the house-made sausage with basil, mozzarella, caramelized onions, and chili oil.

Hope everyone celebrating the Civic Holiday in Canada (sorry, Quebec! but you get St-Jean-Baptiste instead) is having a good one.

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