make it happen

Januaries are weird, what with the whole post-holiday letdown, the pressure of New Year’s resolutions, and the cold, if you live in this part of the world. The past few weeks have been rough on a lot of people I know, including me. But:


I’m only adopting one resolution this year:

Anthropologie make it happen pullover

I’m not much of a sweatshirt person but I thought this would be a good top for the weekend. (Also because I’ve taken to wearing things on my chest. Mostly dogs, but I have a few slogan tees now too. Maybe I just really want people to stare at my chest?) This particular slogan spoke to me for what I want for myself this year, and that if I want something, I’m going have to make it happen. (I also frequently get asked what “it” is, to which I respond cheerfully, “whatever you want ‘it’ to be!” Deep thoughts sparked by an overpriced Anthro sweatshirt.)

I say I only have one resolution, but of course the usual are percolating in my brain: eat less, eat better, cook more, tidy more, exercise more, shop less, etc etc etc. And this:

(Kit & Ace Bloor St)

Probably not.

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