Anthro catalogue: Gift 2006

Christmas really is coming soon.  But rather than thinking about what I’m going to buy other people, I’m thinking about what I want for myself.  I would take any of these dresses from this catalogue for myself, so it’s probably a good thing they’re no longer available.

yuma dress
Love the print on this dress, so fun.

limoncello halter dress
Mmm, a frosty lemon drink…

owling sake ware
I totally want these for my home.

snow violet dress
I would freeze in this dress in this weather, but it’s gorgeous nonetheless.

o-ring skirt, shrunken pullover
Love the o-rings on this skirt.

blue holly dress
This dress, as my friend Ashley would say, is very me.  V-neck and empire waist.  It works well with boobs.

bubbly dress
She almost disappears when she turns sideways.

winter sprout dress
It’s a bit baseball uniform to me, but still adorable.

bake and serve sets (big dots, tiny dots, swirls, stripes)
I have home decor on the brain, apparently…

haruka chiffon dress
An ensemble dress is nothing new to Anthro.  I love the stripes on the skirt.

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