May in pictures

May was a blink and you’ll miss it month for me. Work was insanely busy, meaning the last thing I felt like doing when I came home was sit in front of the computer again, hence the lack of posts.

May means a cute Yoda // shy Great Dane // not so shy Great Dane named Jagger // comfy chocolate lab // fresh lime soda // mmmm, fries // duck fat fries and chorizo sausage // derpy Golden retriever // Lucy the shy Viszula wants to get away from Henri

Vietnamese lunch // corgi bum // bulldog! // English dairy milk from London // Paris My Sweet // cushion made from a flour bag // love these shoes, but they’re not so comfy // my nephew hungry and cranky waiting for dinner // Tim Horton’s chocolate chip cookie (not bad)

The most exciting thing I did this month was to book a trip to Europe in the fall. At the end of September, Will and I will go for ten days: two days in Iceland, five days in London, and two days in Copenhagen. I can’t wait! Must curb the spending until then.


Wedding outfit

(Follow my blog with Bloglovin – just getting ready for Google Reader’s last hurrah.)

Anthropologie Cirque A-Line (Porridge – 2011) // Club Monaco Mint Statement Necklace // Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

Not my own wedding. (Although I would totally get married in this, why not?) This was what I wore to a wedding at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto this past Sunday. Great space, great food, great time for two friends from university who have been together even longer than Will and I have.

However, I did get an up-and-down and a glare from a fellow wedding guest. Too much boob, too much print? Or maybe it was more of a "how dare you dress up and do your hair and look nice at a wedding?" Girls are the worst sometimes. I’ve been guilty of it too, it makes me want to punch myself sometimes.

Speaking of the worst, this week has been the worst. First the subway was a disaster on Tuesday morning because a woman jumped, then someone took her purse so they couldn’t identify her but it turned out to be a mental-health issue; I learned an idiot coworker got a huge promotion while I’m still waiting for mine (at least it’s not on my team, but it’s infuriating to see kiss-asses get ahead); I dropped my iPhone 5 and the screen cracked (still usable, so I’m going to deal with it as it is for a while); and my friend’s mom fell prey to a scam that had her turn over several thousand dollars in cash and five thousand dollars in jewellery (including the engagement ring she’s had for 51 years) to a couple of con artists. There was something weird about this week. Was there something in the air? In the water? At any rate, I can’t wait for it to be over.



I’m not sure what’s wrong with me this year, but I’m looking at spring like I’ve never seen it before. Was last spring much different from this year? Did we not have this much prettiness that has me stopping in the middle of sidewalks to stare at it? (Or am I just being weird this year?)

I’ve read on a few blogs the preference for fall, because the colours are so much more vibrant and varied. I have to disagree, because after the greyness of winter, the bright greens and pinks and purples and yellows and whites are amazing, especially against a brilliant blue sky. Like I said, I’ve been stopping in the middle of sidewalks to stare at flowers and trees (and take pictures of them) because they’re just so pretty.

And then, after all that gorgeous colour, this is what I wear.

J.Crew vintage tee in heather graphite // knockoff bubble necklace // Anthro cardigan // J.Brand jeans // Tory Burch Reva flats

The colour will come, I promise.

Happy May 2-4 for all you Canadians! I’m looking forward to these three days off work (three and a half if you include going home early yesterday), back next week with colour (promise) and likely pics of the posh wedding I’m going to tomorrow.


as I’m transitioning

The first four days of last week were gorgeous. Today it is back down to 10 degrees (C). The tights are back on, but that’s ok because I don’t think I’ll be wearing this skirt without tights (it’s a little short).

Anthro Torsade Tee (C.Keer – 2010) // J.Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan // Hilary Druxman necklace // Club Monaco Tavie Skirt // Wolford tights // Tory Burch Reva flats

I haven’t gotten around to flipping my closet over to summer clothes yet. In May, when the weather can be a bit iffy, I tend to just wear what I wear in the winter, but with bare legs.

Gap Essential V-neck Tee (sleeves cropped to 3/4-length) // knockoff bubble necklace // Anthro Liquid Acres skirt (Maeve) // Miss Sixty Tracy heels

The bright colours and more summery wear will come soon, I’m not in a rush.


Saturday morning

Feeling better is fantastic. No really, it’s FANTASTIC. That was a doozy of a cold/sinus infection; Wednesday and Thursday this week I was able to half work at home, half lie on the couch, but yesterday I was knocked completely on my back and was in bed all day except for two hours late last night when I was finally able to get out of bed for an hour and a half, have a gluten-free turkey sandwich and some fruit, and watch Elementary on the PVR.

This morning I got up early and went up to the roof of my building, where it was quiet and calm and pretty.

This is the furthest I’ve been from my condo since Wednesday morning. Later this afternoon, I might even try street level!

While I’ve been inside, everything turned green. Last Saturday was our first BBQ up on the roof, and it looked liked this:

Today, it looks like this:

Only takes a few days of sunshine and warm weather to bloom. Maybe if I go outside and have even more sunshine and warm weather, I’ll bloom into a healthy person again.

Like my I’ve-been-in-bed-for-the-past-34-of-36-hours hair?

I’ll take care of that shortly.


Cooped up inside

The weather is gorgeous. At least, that’s what the Weather Network tells me, and what I can see from the big windows in my condo, where I’ve been stuck for the past two days with a terrible cold/sinus infection. I’ve been half working, half lying in bed coughing and using up boxes of Kleenex. And watching too many episodes of Friday Night Lights on Netflix (hooray for getting American Netflix in Canada).

And since I look like crap, no new pictures, just some old ones kicking around my computer, but I guess they’re new here.

Anthro Network Dress (Velvet) // knockoff J.Crew necklace 
J.Crew tank top // J.Crew featherweight cotton cardigan // Club Monaco pencil skirt // Wolford tights // Nine West heels

I was having a good hair day.

J.Crew twist-front tee // Club Monaco mint statement necklace // Anthro Aniseed Skirt (Eva Franco) // Wolford tights // Tory Burch Reva flats

Every time I wear the Aniseed Skirt I think it’s the last time. I don’t think it’s that flattering, it gives me bubble butt, and I’m starting to think it’s a little too twee. But every time, I hang onto it.

Remember when it was freezing two weeks ago? It was colder in Ottawa. Warm when your 4-year-old nephew is chasing you though.

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