Shopping bulimia

Usually when I buy something, I take a picture of myself in it in the dressing room, then put it on hold and come back to it.  Then I take it home and take a picture of myself in it.  If I love it, the tags come off and I wear it.  If I need to think more about it, I make sure to keep the receipt and leave the tags on for a while.

It’s a complicated process.  I’m sure I’m making things more difficult for myself.

This week, I finally gave up on a skirt that I’ve had since August

Anthoropologie Luminous Graphite Skirt by Sine.

I bought it full-price because I thought I loved it.  And after I took these photos (in August, which is why it’s not pitch black and there are still leaves on the tree outside the window), I thought I was sold.  But obviously it wasn’t meant to be.  Thanks Anthro for the no time-limit returns!  I saved myself the $$$ with the possibility of buying something else that I love more in the future.

Like I did with the Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress.  I don’t regret returning it, and I put that money towards the Cream Confection Jacket, which I adore.  I’m still wearing it; I’m not ready to break out the winter coat just yet.

Unfortunately with black, the details don’t show up too well in photos unless you have the right light, which obviously I do not. (This was taken with outfit #4.)

So with the money I have from the return, what should I buy instead?  The Echoing Folds Cowlneck in Navy? Or maybe the Field Skirt in dark grey?

Or how about nothing….

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