Anthro catalogue: November 2009

It was about a year ago that I seriously started to like Anthro.  On one hand, it was the start of a whole new world of fashion for me; at Anthro, I found the unique, pretty, quirky, slightly bohemian pieces I was looking for.  On the other hand, it didn’t help my shopping addiction at all.

There were a lot of pieces in the November 2009 catalogue I really liked.

snow queen dress, plenty by Tracy Reese

Plaza Cardigan by Moth (this one I own, in teal)

spirited away dress

garnet glow dress

jacquard gala dress

tree frog bangle

fa-la-la ornament, hanging bellflower bib necklace, verdant tweed wedges, sway & fly ornament

swirling villages dress

flip-flop hippo & elephant

vintage rotary phones

skirted peacoat, embroidered heaths bag

gumshoe sweatercoat

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