Almost halfway there (14 of 30)

This is outfit 14, which I wore for about two hours today:

Club Monaco cardigan, Anthropologie Echoing Folds Cowlneck by Bordeaux, HIlary Druxman necklace, Mavi super-skinny jeans, Duo Boots.

The two hours was for lunch and coffee with a girlfriend.  Before that, pyjamas.  Now, sweats.  Pyjamas and Simpsons soon.

So I think I’ve hit my groove after two weeks of outfits.  I’m starting to wonder if I really need the rest of the clothes I have outside of these 30 pieces.  Crazy talk!  But it truly is eye-opening.

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  1. Great blog! and I love your outfits, great colors and patterns!! I am also doing the challenge and having fun with it.. although its snowing here today so that throws off my outfits abit :) and the outdoor photoshoots :)



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