Four more for 30 for 30

4 more days done in the 30 for 30 challenge. And unlike some of my fellow remixers, I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself. Yes, I’m looking forward to wearing a few other things in my closet once the challenge is over. But I haven’t been lacking for pretty outfits, and one of the perks is that I get to wear the pieces I really love more often. It’s really making me recognize how much I own and how much of it is unnecessary. I’m thinking of doing a big purge soon.

Also, thanks everyone who has a left a comment regarding my challenge outfits.  I really appreciate it!

But anyway, on to outfits 15, 16, 17, and 18.

Club Monaco silk camisole (circa 2005), Bailey 44 jersey wrap cardigan (spring 2008), Anthropologie Oolite necklace, Jacob A-line skirt (fall 2004), Wolford tights, Michael Kors heels

Woohoo, halfway point! This is an outfit I’ve worn fairly frequently since 2008. I think I’ve even worn it to a job interview. I’ve had this skirt longer than almost everything else in my closet (except for my beloved lululemon groove pants) and I plan to wear it until it falls off my body.

Anthropologie Echoing Folds Cowlneck, J. Crew Jenna’s Cardigan, Club Monaco bubble skirt (fall 2009), Wolford tights, Michael Kors heels

I adore this Echoing Folds Cowlneck.  I’m so glad I bought it!  It may be my most worn item of the challenge.  I think I should get it in navy.  I also realized from wearing this outfit how much I love this bubble skirt, even if it does give me bubble butt.

Kensie Dress (circa 2008), Blub Monaco belt, Mexx cardigan, J. Crew necklace, Wolford tights, Tory Burch Reva flats

I don’t do belts.  But this dress requires some sort of definition at the waist, so I put on the one belt I own.  I felt constricted all day, but at least I was able to put together a different look than I did the first time I wore this dress.

Jacob sleeveless top (circa 2006), J. Crew Jenna’s cardigan, Anthropologie Aniseed Skirt by Eva Franco, Wolford tights, Michael Kors heels

Ok, not such a departure from the first time I wore this skirt, I swapped the black tee I wore before for a black top and cardigan.  This skirt is hard though.  I probably shouldn’t have put it in, but I didn’t want to wait a month before I could wear it.  Again, I had bubble butt, but it was worth it.


  1. Yay for having fun with this. I feel like I am still going fairly strong as well. I love the print of #17.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. Those are two awesome skirts! I especially love the Anthropologie one in #18. So cute! I wish I had included more fun skirts into my remix collection, I don't know what I was thinking.

  3. Elizabeth, fun skirts are great, but it makes the remixing that much more of a challenge. Black/grey/brown skirts are basics for a reason. But I guess I wanted to challenge myself just a little bit more!


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