Happiness is a thick November Anthro catalogue

Nothing like coming home after yet another lousy day at work to a big fat Anthro catalogue.  This one is my favourite of the year (definitely some of my favourite photography of the year), but it’s not tempting me to buy anything, just yet.  I’m trying a self-imposed no-shop month.

I don’t love the cover; she looks a little evil/possessed.  Is the whole vampire look still hot right now? The Karelia Coat is pretty awesome though, even if I couldn’t pull it off.

I love this shot.  The Japonica Dress (Coquille), maybe.

Cabled Pathways Pullover by Moth.  I wouldn’t actually wear this sweater, but she looks good. 

Love the teeny tiny trumpet.  I also love the Echoing Folds Cowlneck (Bordeaux) and the Unexplored Pyramids Necklace.

Lighted Walk Dress by Burning Torch.  I don’t like the dress.  I love this shot.

Gerard Giraffe is US$598.

Lookback Sweater Dress by Sparrow.  Simple and elegant.

I really love this look.  I would like to own it all, but it would cost me US$630. All Along Knit Jacket by Cartonnnier (US$88), Echoing Folds Cowlneck by Bordeaux (US$48), Scarf Adorned Belt (US$58), Tales of Yesterday Skirt (US$138), Crackling Flames Heels (US$298). 

Laced With Grace Dress by Lil.  I love me some gigantic scissors.

Why is this Victorian vampire to me?  I love the Frozen Globes Necklace, not so much the Pinafore Pullover

left: that Moulinette Soeurs dress that doesn’t fit anyone properly Lucillae Dress; right: Whipped Woolens Sweater by Birds on a Wire, Leifsdottir Firewing Blouse (which I would love if the colours were a little more vibrant).

Again with the vampire model, but I do love Eva Franco’s Samhain Dress.  I never go to any holiday parties though.

A chicken on the Anais Bag

These are bracelets? I thought they were porcelain bowls.

So pretty.

More pretty!

A llama wearing Captured Scarf Necklaces!

A sheep wearing the Winding Buckle Boots.  This is so cute I might die.  It’s too much.

No, this is too much. (Toasty Rose Scarves.)

Ok, this takes the cake.

I really like Eva Franco’s Jacquard Missive Skirt, but I already have the Aniseed Skirt, and it’s pretty much the same shape.

Andrick coat, Plenty by Tracy Reese.  It’s pretty fabulous.

Stilled night dress by Moulinette Soeurs. Dreamy.

I don’t want any of these clutches, but I love this photo.

Another of Deletta’s drapey tees with detail on the shoulder (Hints of Mesh Tee).  I will be strong and resist it.

But could I resist Tracy Reese’s Curving Cloudcover Dress?  It’s so pretty.  But it’s US$398 and I have nowhere to wear it. 

Once-A-Week Dress by Bailey 44.  So simple, but the photo is so pretty.

Spinning Lace Dress by Tracy Reese.  This is so pretty.  Maybe I could get married in it…

An annoyed chicken wearing the Dewed Rainbow Necklace. Fantastic!


  1. ha!- I totally decided to get married yesterday based on the new Florist's Arrangement sweater dress! The spinning lace is perfect too!
    mmm...winter wedding fun!

    now I just have to get everyone else on board!

  2. Haha, I actually am going to get married sometime, maybe next year, maybe the year after (not a rush), so I do have a reason for that dress.


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