A jailbird cardi and more

Here are the results from a few Anthro visits over the past few weeks.

Cross The Lines Cardi
by Ella Moss, US$88, size S. I love how this cardigan feels, but the stripes are too much.  Jailbird is not the look I”m going for at all.  Pass.

Echoing Folds Cowlneck
by Bordeaux, US$48, size S; Either-Ore Necklace by Nakamol, US$58.  Yes, the top is a little flimsy and see-through and probably too expensive for what it is, but I really like it as a layering piece, especially in this colour.  The necklace is pretty cool too.  (I ended up getting both, but last month—I didn’t break my November no-shopping pact.)

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan
by Tabitha, US$128, size S. It’s lovely, but this is not grey as the website claims.  This is a greyish beige oatmeal that washes me out.  I didn’t like the orange colourway either, so unfortunately pass.

French Bustle Jacket
by Mise En Scene by Ruffian, US$188 (CAD$228), size 4.  I was totally tempted by this jacket at the time. Ruffles!  But I don’t need it.  I put it back and haven’t been tempted since.

I can’t find this cardigan on the website.  And because I suck, I can’t remember what brand it is.  I guess it’s good it’s a pass then.

Switching Sides Sweater by Moth, US$118.00, size S.  Comes in 4 different colours.  Cozy and warm, but I actually found it short, and although I have a long torso, I’m not tall.  Pass.

Scenes of Arles Skirt by Moulinette Soeurs, US$98, size 8.  This is a weird skirt.  The darker colours on the top and the lighter colours on the bottom basically cut you in half.  It’s also an extremely straight skirt (as to be expected from Moulinette Soeurs), so it’s not forgiving for anyone with hips.  Too long for me too (past the knees).  Pass.

Avant-Tweed Skirt by Tabitha, US$118, size 6.  Weird shape, stiff, and itchy.  Pass.

Entrusted Mini, Mise en Scene by Ruffian, US$148, size 6.  Cute if it weren’t for the stomach pooch I’m getting.  Pass.

Lucillae Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, US$188, size 8.  Everyone and their dog has had trouble with this dress.  The website description calls it “slim” and “trim”.  It’s just plain old tight on the bottom half, and since I sized up, the top was too loose.  Too bad since it’s totally cute, but I don’t love it enough to be willing to tailor it to fit, even on sale.


  1. First time poster (i think)! The Lucilae dress looks awesome on you, I think it's worth tailoring!!! I'm still debating the Snowy Egret Shift....sigh

  2. I'll have to debate the Lucillae dress at a later date, when it goes on sale. :) The Snowy Egret Shift is so pretty! If you love it, do it. :) But I'm a bad influence that way.


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