Stilled night, spinning lace

I loved both these dresses from the November catalogue, so when I saw both at the Yorkville Anthro, I had to try both on.

(But just to clarify, I’m not shopping.  I’m just trying on.)

Stilled Night Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, US$128, size M. I loove the colour of this dress, but I don’t love the style.  I don’t find high-neck dresses very flattering on me because I end up feeling like I have one big uni-boob.  I would also want to try a size S, there was only XS or M available and the M is just a little too big.

Spinning Lace Dress by Tracy Reese, CAD$348, size 4. This dress is getting so much love, I had to try it on.  And I was actually wondering if it would work as a wedding dress (not that I’ve set a date, but I don’t want a traditional wedding or wedding dress).  Unfortunately, it’s not quite right for me.  I’d want it a little more ivory/white as a wedding dress, but as a holiday party dress it’s a little too “bridal.”  But it’s still a gorgeous dress.  The lace is so soft and I love the shape.  However, I should have gone with my usual size 6; I lost a little weight recently and I got a little ambitious, but the 4 is squeezing the life out of my chest.

Anyway, I really like both but neither are perfect, so it's a pass. Shopping hiatus still intact!

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