Cream Confection.

The past few days have shown me just how f&*!ing fickle I am.  When it comes to shopping, that is. 

But I blame Anthropologie.  Every time I say I’m done with fall shopping, something else catches my eye.  Damn you, Anthro! 

Yesterday it was the Boucle de Souffle Jacket, today it’s Idra’s Cream Confection Jacket.

So frigging cute.  The ruffles, the buttons (purely decorative), the shape…what don’t I love?  I still have to try it on, because I’m concerned about the slightly puffed sleeves (I already have broad shoulders, I don’t need to look like a linebacker) and fitting the boobs into it.

But if it works, the only question is the colour.  Cream is lovely, but it’s like a magnet for stains for me.  I don’t want to be forever dry-cleaning it.

Tan (or neutral, as Anthro calls it)? It can be iffy on my skintone.  If it’s anything like the colour of the Well-Wisher Jacket, it’s a no for me.

So, black then?  The details are harder to see in black, at least in the photo, but it may be the one that works best on me.  And the details are enough to take it from just another boring black jacket to something special.

I’m thinking this jacket over the Boucle de Souffle now, but at the same time, I have a trip to Europe (Dublin, London, and Paris) in October to save for, so I shouldn’t be spending any more money on clothes.  Fingers crossed.  Really.


  1. this jacket caught my eye earlier today too! i'm totally & madly in love with it. i'm leaning towards the cream, but all three colors are great!

  2. just found your blog and love this jacket...think I need to try it on - have you seen/tried it at the Don Mills store? thanks.

  3. I haven't been to Don Mills in a few weeks, but I'm planning a trip on Saturday morning. Will report back.


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