Anthro jewellery

I love jewellery.  I have an extensive collection of costume and semi-precious jewellery, and I even make jewellery on occasion.  I like my pieces to be unique (no Tiffany for me—you would never catch me dead in a Tiffany heart) and interesting, and I like some Anthropologie pieces for that reason (the Oolite necklace, for instance).

But some really make me scratch my head.

Striking Resemblance Necklace, US$298

Striking resemblance to what???

It’s gonna give me nightmares.

Visible Friend Necklace, US$298

It’s not any better in pink.

It’s like she’s wearing a skeleton with tasselled feet.

Do The Strand Necklace, US$458

I love books, but I don’t want to wear a cluster of them around my neck.  And that’s one huuuuge price tag.

Timeless Truths Necklace and Timeless Truths Necklace Purple, each US$228
These I really don’t get.  To me, they’re just a collection of fabric scraps knotted together with a few leftover beads.  Am I missing something? 

But this ring I spied last week made me really want-y.

Nouveau Sapphire Ring, US$658

This is really, really gorgeous.  If I didn’t already have a ring I adore, I would take this as my engagement ring.  Sadly, it’s no longer available on the website.  I’m glad I saved the picture so I can prove I didn’t dream it.

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  1. i think a necklace with just one of those books would be super cute!


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