Goodbye summer, bye-bye dress…

If we’d had a summer of warm, sunny, non-humid weather, I wouldn’t be so quick to say goodbye to it. But after another week of being hot, sticky, and uncomfortable, I’m ready for fall.  The heat wave ends today and I can’t wait!

And as part of letting go of summer, I’m saying no to Antropologie’s Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress and returning it.

I went back and forth on this one, and even still I’m tempted.  It’s a really pretty dress.  I actually bought it at full price because I loved it, and then it sat in my closet with the tags on because I had nowhere to wear it.  Now it’s on sale, so that makes it even more tempting, because I could return it and pick it up at the sale price.

But I have to stick to the fact it doesn’t work for me.  I hate halter tops, I always feel like I’m being choked.  I don’t think halters do anything for my broad shoulders either.  The top is too low for me to throw a sweater on and wear it to work.

Still, it breaks my heart because it’s so pretty.

I feel like I’m wavering slightly…be strong, Rach!  Just think of it as making room for fall goodies.


  1. Aww, it's so hard when you love something but you feel it doesn't actually flatter you at all. Not that I agree from the pictures! But I'll assume you can see something off in person, and I too hate the "choking" feel a halter strap gives. Good on you for staying strong and saving for the upcoming season. Maybe if it's really meant to be, your willpower will be rewarded with a 2nd cut, or perhaps an eBay steal, later in the year?

  2. Actually, it's not that I think it looks bad on me. I think it's pretty flattering and doesn't make my shoulders look as broad as some halters do. I'm giving it up because it's not comfortable; I'd always be pulling up the top and pulling at the halter ties. In this case comfort wins! (Shocker, I know.)


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