Anthropologie catalogue: February 2010

Every week I take a look back at past Anthropologie catalogues and what I loved from then.  (Thanks to Natalie for posting all the links.) I used to think that it’s impossible to find these pieces again, but thanks to Roxy’s trade market and eBay, anything is possible.

Circus theme! 

star sprinkled cardi, looping lanes belt, grasslands dress, halfsies heels

fragmented pipevine dress, cherry juice heels, off the map blouse, burnished short-shorts, acrobatics wedges –
I bought the fragmented pipevine dress, but it certainly doesn’t look like that on me.

cherry juice heels, come one come all booties, carmine heels –
ooh, the shoes I hated!

slate stripes shift

recital cardigan

four petal cardi, pollen promise skirt, acrobatics wedges
– it’s some weird pattern-mixing to me, but it works.  On the model, in the catalogue.

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