Anthropologie catalogue: February 2011

Thank you Anthro, for yet another gorgeous catalogue….that doesn’t make me want to buy anything!

new life necklace, in the abstract dress, rockland sandals – really pretty, but I wouldn’t wear it.

sculpted blouse, softened edges belt

abbreviated blazer, springing season blouse, amhara skirt –
interesting combination of patterns and colours

sea sparks earrings, chiffon swing shirt –
I love these earrings, but I don’t have pierced ears.

a bit biased tee, triumvirate belt, languid days skirt, strung palms bracelet, colossal bangle, sliced tagua bracelet –
this I might be able to get behind, but I don’t love it enough.

escaping teardrop earrings, ibos tank

in the wind scarves, simple compositions blouse, mirror image belt, fulani patchwork skirt

wandering about tee

twisting & turning cardi, cloud art dress, beneath the grain bangle, rest assured heels

giraffe stack pots, elephant medallion pot
– I think I want that elephant.

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  1. Just discovered your blog. Thanks for reviewing all the old Anthro catalogs! You're a great resource. The February 2011 one was stunning. The abstract dress, I had seen that picture elsewhere and thought it was from the late 90s or before. So much of this month seemed a throwback to all the great looks from years and years ago, without all the fuss 2008-2010. I love it. Anthro has become so pale and bland to me. This was one of the last times they really nailed it, imho. Anyway, thanks again!


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