I came home from work today in a really bad mood.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

#1: A friend I’ve known since I was 14 will be in town with her husband for a wedding next week, and originally she suggested we get together for dinner.  Then she backed out, saying she had too many commitments with the wedding (she’s in the wedding party), but she said she’d let me know if something “opens up” between all the wedding events.  You know, I get it, weddings are busy, but I hate feeling like I’m being pencilled in to someone’s schedule.  I don’t want to be at her beck and call, I’m not going to jump when she says she has 10 minutes to see me between a wine and cheese and a rehearsal.  I’m probably being completely unreasonable here, but it made me cranky.

#2: I missed the UPS delivery of my Michael Kors shoes because I wasn’t home in time, and I would have been home in time if I hadn’t had to work late.  (Yes, I weighed the pros and cons of my shoe dilemma and quality won the day.)

#3: It’s almost that time of the month.

#4: I’m not at a cottage in Muskoka anymore. 

The first day back at work after a long weekend is tough, especially if it’s right after a vacation.  Going from this to muggy, smoggy, stinky Toronto was a shock to the system.

I also use the term “cottage” loosely…it was more like a luxury vacation house.

Sure, there’s plenty of wood panelling, but it’s a house, not a cottage.  The only other cottage I’ve been to had an outhouse.  I was not pleased when I found out.

#5: I had to put real clothes on today.  You’d think for someone who loves clothes as much as I do, that would be a good thing, but no.  I got used to T-shirts and elastic waistbands and flip-flops.

#6: I miss the cottage dog.

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