giving Banana a chance

Before I drank the Anthropologie Kool-Aid, I did a lot of my shopping at Banana Republic.  I liked their good-quality basics and their work-friendly pieces, but I did get bored after I got all the basics I needed.  Even so, I do have some great Banana items I love, including this summer dress and this jersey top.

Last week I was surfing the Banana Republic website and came across a lookbook of “real women” wearing their clothes.  (Unfortunately no longer on their website, but I captured the looks that I liked.)

Unfortunately for BR, none of these looks made me run out to their store, because none of them are so different and unique from a style point of view.  I feel like I have these pieces…from other places.

But I did feel like I should really give them a chance so I stopped by their Yorkville store yesterday after work.  I liked the ruffle cardigan (in the first photo above) in black, and this dress, but that’s about all that stood out for me.

I tried to have an open mind, but the 10-minute wait for the changing room killed it for me.  Not worth the wait!  Sorry, Banana.  I hightailed it out of there and went to Anthropologie instead. 


  1. Hi Rachel!
    I just disovered your blog through the guest post on Effortless- I was on vacation and missed it at the time but randomly came across it! I'm stranded in Montreal with no Anthropologie fix at all! I have certainly asked Don Mills to ship some stuff however.

    I agree about Banana- the clothing is great quality but somehow misses the mark, J Crew at similar pricing is soooo much better. That being said, I do love the grey sweater/blazer worn in the second pic here. I checked it out in the store today and it's really gorgeous and unique. Too bad it's so $$$$ at $185!
    They didn't have my size anyway, but did you see that Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic have a Canadian website now, with free shipping? Oh the gods have been listening to me (just finish me off with an Anthropologie please and thanks)!

  2. Ah, now that I'm no longer shopping at Banana, they have a Canadian website! Go figure.

    Seeing how fashionable Montreal is, you'd think that there would be an Anthropologie there before Edmonton. Fingers crossed for you.


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