Wear-now wool.

Well, not right now.  It’s still summer, despite my being depressed about the fall-like weather the other day, and despite being a bit on the chilly side today.

But I’m loving the fall outfit set (called wear-now wool) that Anthropologie has put on their website.  These are my favourites:

plaited pearl: Sweet Biscuit Tee by Velvet, Elementary My Dear Belt, Steamer Trunk Skirt by Moth, Tuxedo Accoutrement Necklace by Benedicte.  I love how this is styled, but I think I may be too short and dumpy curvy to pull it off.

spun gold: Lady’s Choice Cardigan by Tokyo Map, Oak Apple Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, Organic Blooms Necklace.  I looove the Oak Apple Dress, but I’m not sure about the cardigan for me.

purled onyx: Boucle de Souffle Jacket by Elevenses, Maryam Tank by Little Blue Bird, AG Twill Stevie, Chameli & Mallika Necklace

This one is my favourite look.  Just when I’m thinking I’m done my fall/winter shopping and I don’t need anything else, I see this. 

I have to try it on though, and I haven’t seen it in store yet.  I would buy it full price, if it worked on me.  I’m concerned about the puffed shoulders and the fact that jackets just don’t fit me very well.  I’ll start stalking the stores for this one.

And then I’m done shopping.  For reals this time.

I also love the necklace…

…but it’s US$188!!  Maybe on sale.

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