Playing dress up.

Certain things I wear feel slightly off, like I’m wearing a costume. 

I wear them anyway, because I like them.  But maybe I’m fooling myself?

  • Zigzags and Zinnias Tee by little yellow button, from Anthropologie
  • Jacob pencil skirt
  • Franco Sarto heels

I really like this top (obviously, I bought it), but it’s somehow not quite me.  The zigzag stripes and floral appliqués are different.  That’s also why I bought it, I wanted something outside my comfort zone.

I also went to play real dress up at Anthropologie on my lunch break. It’s not entirely my intention to do fitting room reviews, I’m really just being vain and taking photos of myself in pretty clothes.  But if anyone is interested, I’m 5’2”, 34D, 29-inch waist, 40-inch hips (*sob*).  I generally wear S tops and size 6 dresses and skirts, but of course it depends, and I can wear anything from a 4 to an 8.

I’m Ernie! (Above Board Tee by Porridge.  Is it really wrong that I kinda like this?)

I’m Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby! Or Jordan Baker, I guess.  (Grasby Gardens Dress by James Coviello, CAD$428.  Good thing I don’t love it.  The colours are doing nothing for my skintone.)

I’m a Stepford wife! (Mullany Dress by Eva Franco.)

I have one giant droopy uniboob! (If it weren’t for the neckline, I might like this.)

I’m drowning in this sweater! (Dimpled Cardigan by Sparrow.)  I was taken in by the display:

So cute there!  But so wrong on me!

And finally, I’m me again, in Cartonnier’s Acting Out skirt, in the sapphire colour (more of a rich deep emerald colour). I could not photograph it with my iPhone for the life of me, but it was perfect. 


  1. I actually think the Grasby Gardens dress and the Dimpled cardi both look great on you! Love the Acting Out skirt too - a little worried it's going to sell out waaay before it hits the sale because it's so popular. Also can I say - I'm petite and have a somewhat similar build as you do (under 5' 34C-28-37), and am so thankful I found your blog! Reviews are *so helpful*. Thank you.

  2. You're welcome!

    Now that I look at the pictures, the cardi doesn't look too bad, but it fit weird. The Grasby Gardens dress fit well and it was very well-made, but I'm not a fan of high-necked dresses. As one of my best friends says, it's because I'm a skank. :)


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