my Paul dress

Two weeks ago, I wrote a guest post over at Effortless Anthropologie about the Anthro shopping experience in Canada.  My multiple gripes were about the  delay in items showing up in Canadian stores, higher prices, items selling out, insane shipping prices if ordering online, and sales.  I used Natalie Lété's Marine Mural Dress as the example of something I felt I had to buy at full price because I didn’t think I’d find it on sale. 

I was wrong, because this dress went on sale last week (nearly $200 cheaper too), and I found it in my size. Participating in an Anthro sale is fun!

I call this my Paul dress after the psychic octopus.  It’s a great summer dress, I’m really happy about it.

I need another dress like I need a third arm (no wait, that’d be awesome, I could hold an umbrella, my iPhone, and tea at the same time), but there you have it.  I never lied about being a shopaholic.

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