In the dressing room

I feel a little silly taking photos of myself in dressing rooms, but I decided to think of it as good shopping practice.  I can look at the photos later and decide before I buy.  Or not buy, as the case may be.

But I really have to remember to smile when I’m taking pictures. I look so sour!

I was at Anthropologie at the Shops at Don Mills yesterday, and Floreat’s Babergh Dress was finally there.  However, I did not love it.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Here’s everything I tried on:

Remaining Lilies Cardigan, US$128.  Cute, but not me.  Hence the sour expression.

Soft Scallops Cardigan by Guinevere, US$118.  Nice, but the colour is too drab.

Well-Wisher Jacket by Mise en Scene by Ruffian, US$148.  I liked it in theory, but it’s not really me, and I really detest the drab khaki colour.

Flower Vendor Top by Deletta, US$78.  I’m thinking I should buy this top, because it’s really flattering.  But it’s pain to put on, it’s a little pricey for what it is, and I don’t need another grey top.  I’ll think about it.

24K Myosotis Dress by Anna Sui, US$298.  I was prepared to mock this dress because it looked very Little House on the Prairie on the rack.  However, it was strangely flattering on.  It’s way too long so I wouldn’t consider it, but if it were knee-length, I might have been tempted.  Goes to show you should always try things on.

And finally, the Babergh Dress.

The pros: it’s a very flattering shape, the scalloped print of the skirt is beautiful.

The cons: that stupid floral appliqué.  I don’t think it even goes with the dress.  But as many have pointed out, it could be taken off

Why I won’t buy it: the pale grey/lavender colour does not work on my skintone at all.  It’s really a shame, because it is a gorgeous dress.


  1. i think the babergh dress looks fantastic on you!

  2. Thanks! I think the dress looks good on everyone who has tried it on. I might reconsider. But I think the Oak Apple Dress is more likely for me.

  3. I hate that applique too! It's looks like a big fabric bird doodie landed on the shoulder of an otherwise pretty dress. Good news is that most people will probably wait to buy it because of that, so it increases its likelihood to go on sale.

    The Well-Wisher Jacket actually looks really good on you, but I totally understand not loving something when it's on. The Flower Vendor Top has looked surprisingly splendid on all the bloggers I've seen review it, however due to its built-in-pseudo-Spanx, I think this one will make it to sale too. That's kind of ironic, because the cami probably is part of the reason why it looks so good in the first place.

  4. I wish sometimes that Anthro would keep things simple. The dress has enough detail and embellishment on its own without the appliqué, it just seems they slapped it on because it's an Anthro dress and it needs a shoulder detail.

  5. I'm so happy to have found a Canadian anthro blogger!!! It's nice to see what's made it to the Canadian stores...like the Babergh dress. I had emailed worldwide cs about it and they said the Canadian stores would not be carrying it. Guess they were wrong. BTW I think it looks great on you!

  6. Yvonne, it takes a while for items to show up in Canadian stores, but I've found all the items I've been interested in.

    Thanks, I know the dress looks good, but I'm just not feeling it! :)


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