In her shoes

I’m watching In Her Shoes on W Network (it seems like it’s on at least once a month).  Every time I watch it, I covet the shoes and Cameron Diaz’s legs. I also feel for Toni Collette’s “plain-Jane” character, Rose, who says, “When I feel bad, I like to treat myself.  Clothes never look any good, food just makes me fatter.  Shoes always fit.”

In my case, shoes don’t always fit.  I love shoes, but I have flat feet (no arches to speak of) and a hammer toe I inherited from my mom.  I’m a weird size too.  A size 6 is sometimes too big, a 5-1/2 is too small, and not to mention hard to find.  (Unfortunately those Michael Kors pumps fell into this category.  The 6 is too big, so back they go.)  High heels hurt, but I love them anyway. 

Like these Bos & Co t-strap sandals that I bought on sale.  I like the way my legs look in them.  And they fit.

Half price!

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