Fall into the August Anthro catalogue.

Unlike some of the other Anthro-focused bloggers, I’m not a complete devotee.  I love the clothes, it’s probably my favourite store, but to be honest there’s much more that I don’t like than I actually do like.  Roxy has mentioned her wishlist has hundreds of items on it; mine is empty, because I tend to only like 4-5 pieces a month.  The problem is I end up buying all those things.

Sometimes I think I should probably force myself to try on more pieces that are outside my comfort zone. But let’s face it, trying on more clothes would likely lead to more buying.

Anyway, on to the latest catalogue. 

I really like this look…on the model.  I don’t think I would ever wear it myself.  I’ll take a chocolate flapjack for 70p though.

This I like a lot. I would consider the Oak Apple Dress, maybe not the Ha’penny cardigan.  Or maybe it’s just the setting.

I love the look of this.  I would consider the Zoom Lens Cardigan, but I don’t like the Underwater Blouse in the product shot.

I would look ridiculous in the Rushcliffe Cardigan. Too much shoulder, too much boob.

I adore the Gleaming Pillars Bracelet.  Unfortunately it’s US$198.

The Grasby Gardens Dress (I keep reading it as the Great Gatsby dress) is charming, but the shape is so wrong for me, and it’s US$348.

I don’t actually want to buy any of these clothes.  I just want the look.  Does that make sense?

Seriously, could I just be her please?

Gorgeous! But would the Babergh Dress work on me?

Even a ruffly plaid trench coat looks good.

And a tapestry coat

While I love the styling and the photography, I’m not actually dying to buy anything.  Maybe a few things will go on my wishlist.  Or maybe I’ll try all of this on in the store and want it all.


  1. i feel the same way about anthro's clothes. they have some super cute stuff, but then there are some pieces that i find to be just plain ugly. i hate to say it, but the ugly outweighs the cute, IMHO.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! I agree, the ugly does outweigh the cute. The chocolate box sweater in last month's catalogue? OMG, that's ugly.

  3. unfortunately and fortunately for my wallet, i didn't see anything i liked, except for the Babergh dress, which i'm stalking. Im waiting for it's canadian debut


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