waiting for spring…

So spring is taking its sweet-ass time getting to Toronto (it was snowing yesterday and I was wearing gloves!  Snow! and gloves! on April 18!), but Anthro is in full spring mode.  I love love love their most recent outfit set. I’d love some of these pieces, but I’ll have to wait two months to wear them.

Counter Stop: En Plein Air Dress, Braided Adenandra Necklace, Odessa Ring

Window Watching: Overwhelmed Aster Dress, Skinny Weave Belt, Muranga Necklace

Alfresco Hours: Blooming Bulbs Dress, Pretty Prattle Necklace, Seafire Ring

Coffee Break: Des Artistes Lobster Tee, Impressionable Blazer, Gladiolus Skirt, Rock Candy Bracelet, Pigeon Pea Necklace, High Gloss Belt

Midday Treat: Sunless Rose Top, Lengthening Rays Skirt, Omnifarious Bracelet, Slim Shine Belt, Whipped Topping Heels

Sidewalk Stroll: Summer Souffle Dress, Speeding Dots Scarf, Beaded Quintet Earrings

I’m falling for the Summer Souffle Dress, the Overwhelmed Aster Dress, and possibly even the En Plein Air Dress.  Just need the weather to go with it.

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