beware the elastic waistband

I think I’m getting the hang of this not working thing.  While I’m feeling a little isolated, I’m starting to enjoy this time to myself and this time away from work.  I might as well enjoy it while I can, right?

But I have to be aware of the downfalls, namely elastic waistbands.

James Perse tank top | Club Monaco cardigan | American Apparel leggings | Duo Hawthorn Boots

I’m slowly becoming a couch potato (I forced myself to go for a walk this afternoon just to get my butt off the couch), and I’m consuming more macarons than is probably healthy, so weight gain is a concern.  And with the elastic waistband of the leggings that are my daily wear, I won’t be able to tell. 

I need to force myself to get dressed in real clothes every day, even if I’m just going around the corner to the grocery store, just to make sure I go down that slippery slope into slubwear all the time.

I haven’t posted photos of the view from my condo in a while, so here are a few. 

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