Macarons for breakfast

My former coworkers got me macarons as a going away present.  I didn’t have any when I was in Paris, but I’ve discovered them recently at a great French bakery in my neighbourhood.  Now I’m slightly obsessed, and I’ve had them for breakfast for the past three days.  I love the crisp exterior, the chewy meringue, and the creamy ganache filling.

My favourites at this particular bakery are the caramel sea salt (salted caramel buttercream with caramel toffee), crème de cassis (mainly for the gorgeous purple colour), and mint chocolate.

I’m not crazy about the price of them though, so I was thinking that I might try to make some while I have some time off from work.  Then I realized how complicated they would be, and how much equipment I’d have to buy (I don’t own a mixer or a piping bag), and I decided I’d stick to buying them.  Not for breakfast every day though.  That’s too indulgent.

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