Complementary colours

This week I had an argument (good-natured, not escalating to Rabbit or Duck level) with one of my best friends about complementary colours.  First was whether it was complementary or complimentary.  I won that one thanks to the internet.  Next we argued about the actual colour combinations.  My friend argued that blue/orange and purple/yellow are horrible combinations.  I countered with “what, you know better than the colour wheel?” and argued that both were great combinations, and she is just afraid of bright colours.

Although I didn’t see her today, I present exhibit A:

Anthropologie Claudine Tee (Ric Rac) | Gap cardigan | Ayala Bar necklace | American Apparel leggings | Miz Mooz Stella boots

I don’t really like the blue and orange with black; I’m thinking a softer neutral on the bottom would have been better, if comfort in the form of American Apparel leggings hadn’t won out.  But back to blue and orange.  I love the combination, and my friend is wrong.  I might concede that it is personal taste, however.  What say you?

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