devil in a blue dress

Blue is my favourite colour (my nephew and I have that in common, even if he doesn’t want to share), in all shades.  I’m beginning quite a collection of blue dresses in my closet.  My favourite is Anthro’s Skyfall Dress, followed closely by Anthro’s Oak Apple Dress, but really, how can I choose?

Three days, three blue knit dresses this week.  (And the same pair of shoes.)

Velvet dress | Anthro Oolite Necklace | Bos & Co heels

I almost got rid of this dress in my last closet purge.  At the last minute, as I was about to put the bag of purged items into the clothing donation box, I rescued this dress.  I love the colour and I love an easy knit dress, but I’m undecided if I still love it enough to keep it.

Anthro Network Dress | ayala bar necklace | Bos & Co heels

I just realized that I’ve worn this exact outfit before, during the winter 30 for 30 challenge.  It’s not that I never repeat outfits (I do all the time, I’m definitely not creative every day), it’s just that I normally don’t photograph them twice.  But, uh, I’m in a different setting.  And my hair is different.  And my legs appear more muscular (lord knows why, it’s not like I’ve been exercising or anything).

Anthro Pezza Dress | J. Crew Featherweight Cotton Cardigan | Anthro necklace | Bos & Co heels

Vancouver Canuck colours!  I’m a fairweather hockey fan at best, but of course I’m cheering for them!

It was ridiculously easy to get dressed this week. I’m thinking dresses are definitely the way to go this summer.

I’ve successfully survived two weeks of my new job, and it’s been really good.  But I’m way behind on my blog reading, and I need to figure out a new routine that includes blogging.  I’ll get there, but it might take a while.

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