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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  I was in Ottawa until Monday evening, then I had a busy few days, and suddenly it’s Thursday.

But it was fun visiting Ottawa, seeing friends and family, including my sister and her husband who were also in town from Boston. I love visiting my nephew and I can’t believe how big he’s getting (he’ll be three on June 30).  We did have a small spat though; when he was admiring my blue socks (he’s obsessed with blue), I told him blue is my favourite colour, and he got mad at me.  “NO, MY BLUE!!” Sorry, Milo.  I didn’t know you had exclusive rights to the colour.

So I don’t know if today’s spring-y outfit would please or infuriate him.

Anthropologie Oak Apple Dress (Moulinette Soeurs) | Gap cardigan | Hilary Druxman necklace | Bos & Company heels

Maybe I’ll wear this outfit again the next time I see him and find out.

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

(I consider this a floral, but some might disagree.  It’s an abstract floral.)

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