Anthropologie catalogue: May 2011

As usual, the latest Anthro catalogue is gorgeous, and as usual, there’s not a whole lot that I’d actually wear.  But here are my favourite shots.

Gorgeous cover shot

spectrum caftan, abstract byzantine bracelet, collected light sandals – love the look of it, wouldn’t wear it

expanding horizons tank, gilded link bracelet, majestic medallions skirt – maybe the top, but I don’t need any more tops.

back view dress – great print, but I’m on the fence with this one.  Would have to see it in person.

line-upon-line cardi, ribbed boy tank, breezy paperbag shorts, crossover clogs – gorgeous photo, but I don’t want any of these clothes.

ananta earrings, spiced dress, twined vines sandals – lovely, but it’s yellow.  I don’t do yellow.

hue pyramid earrings, eyeleted corset top, bright bolts sash slim; essential summer shift, skinny weave belt, best bunch cuff

glass glow shift, skinny weave belt, clean break cuff, look-through wedges – this dress has a crazy bold print.  I think it might be a bit much,

salud goblets, woven sunflower baskets, woven ombre placemats, farmer's market baskets – I love these colours.

verdant slip dress, squared bangle – I love this dress, but I don’t love how it’s photographed.  The wallpaper takes distracts from the print. 

raindrop earrings, sable trimmed cardi, pattern shift bikini top and bottoms; hue pyramid earrings, fiery crossback tank – I must try that tank on.

lattice ring dress, mopa mopa bangle flower, collected light sandals

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