As a Canadian, I understand the frustration of being an Anthropologie lover in Canada. I even wrote a guest post about the Canadian Anthro experience in Roxy’s blog last summer. There are only 5 stores in 4 cities (two in Toronto, one in Edmonton, one in Calgary, and one recently-opened in Vancouver), prices are higher here, and shopping online can be painfully expensive. I’m very very fortunate that my sister lives in Boston and has no problem with me using her as a post office to save some money. Some people are not so lucky.

In the aftermath, many bloggers that I read regularly are thinking about why they blog, why they love Anthro, and why/how they spend their money on clothes. I’m doing the same. I’m a little late in writing about it (I spent the weekend with my family in Ottawa, and I actually composed most of this post while on the Porter flight home), but I wanted to think about it and form my own thoughts first. I’m basically coming around to one point. As Lisa put it very succinctly, it’s not about Anthro, or shopping, or shopaholism, or finances, it’s about scamming. I’m not saying that it’s not worthwhile to try to understand why she did this, but in the end, would I care why a mugger stole my wallet? No, I would just want my wallet back and the perpetrator arrested.

But in the spirit of being introspective, here are some thoughts:

  • I blog about clothes and shopping because I love clothes and shopping. There’s a lot more to be than that, but it’s what I choose to write about.
  • Anthropologie is my go-to store because it has the clothes that fit my current style and aesthetic. As I get older and my style changes, that might change.
  • I read blogs about Anthro and fashion in general because it’s fun. See the Diana Vreeland quote on the sidebar of my blog: “Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world”.
  • I won’t pretend that I haven't been tempted by things because I've seen them on other blogs. Or that I buy things at full price. Or that I'm a shopaholic who regularly puts wants before needs and whips out the credit card a little more than I should.
  • I'm absolutely terrible with money and I'm useless at budgeting, but it's something I constantly work on; every day I try to make better choices. Some days I'm successful, some days I'm not. But I always try to be aware that I'm responsible for my own choices and actions. I'm not going to blame anyone for my shopping habits, least of all blogs I read. I don't have to read them. So when I hear something along the lines of "this blog made me spend more money" I think, really? The blog MADE you buy that dress/shirt/skirt/purse? It actually went into your head and compelled you to do it? Ok, if you say so.
  • It’s really none of my business how people pay for their clothes. I personally don’t think any blogger has to justify themselves to anyone.
  • I’ve been saying for a few months that I need to be on a shopping embargo for a while, so maybe this is the catalyst that spurs me to cut back.

And now I’m exhausted, so I think I’ll go curl up for a while. Like this.

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