fancy feet (making it work)

Anthro Pezza Dress (Deletta) | Club Monaco cardigan | turquoise necklace made by me | BRKR-X by M by Michael Kors sandals

I bought these silver sandals on a whim, because I’m a magpie and I’m drawn to anything shiny. Then I got them home and realized that they’re a little on the “clubby” side. I never go out to clubs, so I vowed to make them daytime- and work-appropriate by wearing them with flowy knit dresses. If I’d left them in my closet as party shoes only, I would have never worn them, and that would be a shame.

These are the shiniest shoes I own, and they’re also the noisiest. There are zippers up the back, and the zipper tabs jingle when I walk. You can hear me coming a mile away, so they’re not shoes to wear when I want to sneak up on someone.

21 Day Challenge

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