awkward & awesome Thursday: my legs only go up to here

It’s been a hectic week. I’m way behind on all things blog-related: reading, commenting, and posting my own. Hoping to catch up this weekend. Oh wait, is that something that’s awkward? It was only meant to be something of a preamble.


  • I’ve spent the past two days in a work environment with a girl who is absolutely gorgeous. She’s one of those girls who is always perfectly put together, she’s blonde and blue-eyed, she’s tall and fit and she has legs that go on forever, and if that weren’t enough, she has a lovely plummy English accent to top it all off. She’s a trainer, and she’s certainly kept the attention of all the men in the room. It’s made me feel just a tad insecure and inadequate, and I may have eaten most of a tub of ice cream the other day.
  • I started to put away some of my summer clothes. That always signals the end of summer to me.
  • I think I wore one of my favourite summer dresses for the last time this year (over the long weekend, before it got cold):

Anthropologie Height of Summer Dress (Maeve) | Club Monaco cardigan | turquoise necklace made by me | Rockport wedges


  • I may not be a tall, blue-eyed, leggy blonde – in fact, as a short, slightly dumpy Asian, I’m practically the complete opposite – but damnit, there’s nothing wrong with me.
  • I made the Labour Day weekend an extra-long weekend by taking last Friday off. It was my first paid vacation day in four years (I’d been on contract before finally going permanent full-time in May). It was awesome and weird…I kept thinking, you mean I’m not working, and I’m getting paid?? I didn’t do much that day though. I got my hair cut, cleaned my condo, and ate pizza.
  • I spent an hour at Anthropologie after work trying on new clothes. How could that not be awesome?

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