and when the stars align…

You know those girls who always look put together? Perfect outfit, every single hair in place? Yeah, I’m not one of those girls. I have to work really really hard at a polished appearance. It takes time and effort. And a lot of checking to make sure I don’t have toilet paper stuck to my shoe. Honestly, there are some days when it’s amazing that I put together a semi-decent outfit.

And then there are some days when everything comes together so easily. Outfit works on the first try, hair didn’t take two hours and actually looks pretty good (this from a hair-incompetent girl!), makeup was easy, etc.

Anthro Winged Victory Top (Fei) | Club Monaco cardigan | Hilary Druxman necklace | Jacob pencil skirt | Bos & Co heels

This was one of those days! I need more of them.

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