urge to kill rising…

I've been feeling really weird lately. I've been waking up on edge, feeling like the slightest thing is going to make me snap. I don't know what it is. It's not work (I still like my job), it's not Will, it's not my family, so I'm going to blame allergies. (Seems as good a reason as any.)

So to decompress, I've been cleaning obsessively (a clutter-free environment means a clutter-free mind, right?) and sitting in the sun on the balcony after work.

That's where I took these self-portraits, with my new iPad2. I'm squinting in the sun, my eye makeup looks raccoon-like, and my skin is less than stellar (blame allergies again), but I was having a really good hair day.  I felt the need to document that rare occurrence.

A little too much fun with the PhotoBooth on iPad2.  I did a kaleidoscope self-portrait, but no one needs that many mes.

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