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Happy Canada Day! Thank God for a three-day weekend.

Today also marks the end of academichic's two weeks of Dressing Your Best.  Honestly, I try to dress my best everyday (whether I succeed or not may be a matter of opinion), but I still appreciate the opportunity to call out the parts of myself I really like.

So today I'm dressing something that I don't often think of as a "best" part: my colouring.

I'm Filipina, but I'm pretty whitewashed. I was born in Canada, grew up in a pretty white neighbourhood, and was one of four Asians in my elementary school.   I always wished I were white. It's terrible to want to wish away your cultural heritage, right?

Now that I live in Toronto, I completely blend in. My white British-born fiancé is more in the minority than I am. But even before that, I grew to accept what I am. Can't change it, so love it.  And I particularly love the fact that with my dark hair, dark brown eyes, and permanently tanned skin, I can wear bright bold colours (clothes and makeup, although I don't go crazy with bright makeup for daytime) and they look good on me.

#12: Anthro Height of Summer Dress (Maeve) | J.Crew featherweight cashmere cardigan in heather algae | Anthro Oolite necklace | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

I love these shades of green…

#13: Jacob sleeveless top | J.Crew featherweight cashmere cardigan in heather algae | Anthro necklace | Anthro Circle the Globe Skirt (Edme & Esyllte) | Tory Burch Reva flats

There’s a little black in here, but only because I didn’t include many tops in my 30 for 30 challenge.

#14: Anthro Diamond Lattice Dress (Moulinette Soeurs) | Anthro Bette Cardigan (Sparrow) | Anthro Backbone Belt | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

I love a pop of orange.  And I especially love the combination of blue and orange.

#15: Banana Republic dress | Anthro Anadyome cardigan | Hilary Druxman necklace | Miss Sixty Tracy shoes

The teal cardigan doesn’t exactly match any of the colours in my dress, but I say they “go.” 

Not that anyone’s counting, but that makes 15 outfits for my 30 for 30.  Halfway done!

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