I love dresses

This summer, I’ve been all about dresses.  I don’t know what’s not to love about them, they’re easy, comfortable, and frankly, I can’t be bothered to wear two separate pieces of clothing.

So on my latest trips to Anthro, it’s been nothing but dresses.

Afterlight Dress by Moulinette Soeurs, C$178, size 6
I liked the look of this on the hanger, I love the colours and stripes, but it was a bit weird on.  Surprisingly too big (I find Moulinette Soeurs usually TTS or slightly small), and too long.  This length is just not flattering on me, I’d have to take it up to my knees to make it work, but I don’t like it enough for that.

Wavering Grid Dress by Deletta, C$188, size S
I liked the fit of this, the cinched-in waist and the V-neck, and the fabric is nice and soft.  But again, too long, and I don’t think the colour does anything for me.

Dynamic Zigs Dress by plenty by Tracy Reese, C$188, size S
I really loved this dress and was very tempted by it.  Love the zigzag pattern and the draped neckline.  It’s also a very easy dress to pull over your head and go.  I would definitely have it hemmed to my knees though, because again, the length isn’t flattering on me.  It’s covering up my calves, after all.

Around the Maypole Dress by Girls from Savoy, C$188, size 4
Back to short dresses!  This one is adorable.  I love a cotton dress in the summer, and I don’t mind strapless because I’d just throw a cardigan over it and go to work.  The only thing about this dress I don’t like is the straight neckline.  It flattens my boobs and makes me look very square and muscular on top.  Or maybe it’s just this picture.  I’d have to try it on again to decide.

Cirque A-Line by Porridge, C$188, size 6
So here’s the dress that made me start pondering appropriate-ness and my age.  I missed out on the Sing Sweetly Party Dress, so I was happy to catch this one in store.  (Besides, I like elephants better than birds anyway.)  It’s so adorable!  And it fits so well!  I’m even fine with the yellow sash!  So I think I’m going to get over my age complex and get it. 

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