summer vs winter

It’s a contentious issue, almost at Rabbit or Duck level.  I advocate for winter over summer when I have this conversation with friends, but personally I’m conflicted.  I love summer dresses.  I love soaking up the sunshine on my balcony.  I love open-toed shoes, pedicures, and even shaving my legs.  But then it gets to 50 degrees (118F) with the humidex and I have to dress in business casual for a management-level training session, and I swing right back in favour of winter.  I’d take snow, slush, and ice any day over that.

#28: Jacob sleeveless top | Jacob pencil skirt | Anthro Beribboned Buds Cardi (Tabitha) | Mimi & Marge necklace | Bos & Co heels

I didn’t look that great, and I definitely wasn’t happy. 

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