make it easy, it’s not as heavy as it seems

I never intended to be a sporadic blogger, but that seems to be the way it is these days.  I work (some days longer than others), I come home, I stare at the TV in a stupor, and I go to sleep (or in my case this week, I sleep badly).  I don’t seem to have the mental capacity for writing anything coherent lately, but I want to be able to balance work with my outside interests (blogging being one of them), and I want to feel somewhat creative again.

As usual, I’m probably making things harder for myself than they have to be.  But I’m truly my mother’s daughter, I don’t know if I’d know what to do with myself if everything was just fine.  (Working on that.)

Also, one day I will finish my summer 30 for 30.

#29: Anthro Pesisir Top (Fei) | J.Crew cardigan | Club Monaco skirt | Bos & Co. heels

I bought this top thinking I would only wear it with a pencil skirt.  But in the spirit of 30 for 30, I threw it on with this A-line skirt, and hey, I think it works.  Now, if I could only take off my summer gelato weight, I’d actually be able to breathe in it.

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