At the risk of sounding completely clichéd, I think I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my life.

I’ve finally found job satisfaction (for which I am incredibly, incredibly grateful, after years of being in unfulfilling jobs), so it’s time to think more seriously about my career.  I’m not established yet.  And even though I like my job, I’m not sure if this is the field I want to stay in.

I’m really enjoying my current wardrobe, yet I’m wondering how long that’s going to last until I’ll want a change.

I may have been harping on this a bit lately, but I’m feeling a bit old.  I know I’m not old.  And I know I don’t look my age.  I’m not sure why I’m feeling so concerned about dressing appropriately for my age lately.  Maybe because I’m still attracted to those whimsical pieces with fun quirky prints and I’m worried that they’re not going to have any staying power in my closet.  I think I’m overly paranoid about  not dressing too young, but also not dressing too old either.  (I had a friend in university who exclusively shopped at Talbot’s, at the ripe old age of 24.  We’ve lost touch, but she’d be 35 now, I’m really curious about what she looks like now.)

But you know what, fuck it, I’m not going to stress about it, I’m just going to wear what I want now.  If I don’t feel like I can wear a dress with an octopus on it when I’m 40, so be it.  I’ll have enjoyed it now.

#16: Anthropologie Marine Mural Dress (Nathalie Lété) | Anthro Bette Cardigan (Sparrow) | Hilary Druxman necklace | Puma flats

(Note to self: wear some kind of lip colour.  Pale lips are not my friend.)

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