Couture Simpsons

I’m a huuuge Simpsons fan.  Sometimes my fiancé and I joke that it’s the only thing that we have in common, and without them, we’d have to split up.  I believe that there’s a Simpsons quote for every life situation, but of course my mind goes blank when I sit down to write this blog, and I can’t think of any.  Otherwise every blog title might be one.

I was going through photos I’d saved on my hard drive and came across these from a 2009 Harper’s Bazaar spread entitled The Simpsons Go to Paris with Linda Evangelista.  Simpsons and high fashion in one place! What could be better?

Poor Homer has to handle all the Louis Vuitton luggage. 

Even Patty and Selma look awesome.

That’s Donatella Versace Simpsonified.  Marge looks fab in the Versace dress and straight hair.

Super glam in Chanel!  (And how funny is cartoon Karl Lagerfeld?)

Lisa and Alber Elbaz trade necklaces.  Homer will probably have to put in a lot of overtime at the nuclear plant to afford Lanvin…

I adore these trench coats!  Even the headwraps!

Viktor & Rolf seems appropriate for Patty and Selma…

Marc Jacobs, you’re cool even if you’re a yellow cartoon character.

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