Can you wear six items or less?


That sounds like pure torture to me.  While I understand the exercise, it’s not something I want to try because I’ll never have only 6 pieces of clothing (knock on wood!), and I’ll probably be weeping from boredom after less than a week.

I said the same thing about the 30 for 30 challenge, and whaddya know, I signed up for the winter edition

I’m probably nuts for doing it again, for these reasons: I found it stressful the last time, I’m not great at remixing, and February is not going to be a stress-free month with the packing and extra expenses and all the planning that’s required for our move into our new condo (assuming everything still goes as planned).  But I still decided to give it a go again.  As long as I plan in advance (boring and unspontaneous, perhaps), it might make my life easier.  We’ll see. I have no problems giving it up if I have to.

So that’ll start on February 1.  Here’s a pre-30-for-30 outfit.  I may include the top in my 30, but the skirt isn’t the easiest to remix so I’ll probably leave it out this time.

Club Monaco cowlneck long-sleeve top | unknown necklace (gift from boyfriend in 2006) | Anthropologie Glowing Leaf Skirt (Floreat) | Wolford sheer tights | Michael Kors heels

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